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 I am in LOVE with How I Met Your Mother

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I am in LOVE with How I Met Your Mother  Empty
PostSubject: I am in LOVE with How I Met Your Mother    I am in LOVE with How I Met Your Mother  Icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2011 2:49 pm

First of all, how I met your mother dvd let me say that are biased because I love Neil Patrick Harris. But I had not seen HIMYM because I thought it was just a candidate to see their friends. However, I was wrong. Very bad. My friend let me borrow the first season DVD, Project Runway dvd and I was terribly addicted. I looked at all the five-year period of time within a few weeks, and every minute of it. It's funny, witty and full of moments Friendish the best way possible. It's the perfect balance of fun and a little drama and jokes to go along the series are hilarious. It's one of those shows where even if you've seen the episode Mad Men dvd a hundred times, it's always fun. The characters are so memorable, and the best one-liners that you have to say constantly. It looks like this show was a bit under the radar, and I wish more people knew how it was! I hooked all my friends now and we are so excited about the new season! If you do not see going up now! true blood dvd I heard many times this show, I was not sure why everyone was there. One day my husband comes home from work and said a man at work said to check. We began recording and found that we loved. Now rent all seasons are available on Netflix and dependents. This is one of the best TV shows out there! If you like to laugh, you'll love this show! supernatural dvd The characters are very close and very soon. It will be a sad day when this show is canceled. The disadvantage is that the show is only 30 minutes and is super fast.
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I am in LOVE with How I Met Your Mother
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