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 Brad's on Twitter

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PostSubject: Brad's on Twitter   Brad's on Twitter Icon_minitimeFri Mar 25, 2011 6:31 am

Steve's also got more spoilersHogan's Heroes box set about the beginning of Ashley's Bachelorette season, which began filming last week (and begins airing in late May). Sounds like she'll be startingHogan's Heroes dvd off with 25 men, and they'll bounce around in California and Vegas before heading to Thailand later in the season. On one of her dates, Ashley takes suitor Ben to an outdoor mall, where she surprises him with a flash mob performance.Little House on the Prairie dvd Press was on the scene to get their first soundbites from Ashley about the season.Not literally. His userpic is of a cartoon donkey holding a rose. Get it? Funnily enough, Brad's ability to make fun of MacGyver dvdhimself on his new micro-blog is what makes me think he isn't such a goon after all. Now where was this good-natured jokester on The Bachelor all season?! So farthe 4400 dvd he's revealed: He and Emily (@RickisMommy) are still going strong, despite tabloid claims that they've broken up, he'd like to take the editor of OK! out for a drink, and he's a big fan of Kings of Leon and the Black Keys.
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Brad's on Twitter
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