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 The Fall of Sam Axe

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PostSubject: The Fall of Sam Axe   Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:57 am

Of course, Bruce CampbelDoctor Who dvd box setl has been a leading man in campy B-movies for years, and this in some ways was very much the same. In fact, camp is one of the reasons we love Campbell and Sam Axe.
Our own Maureen Ryan gave CampbeGhost Whisperer DVDll his props for squeezing "every scrap of comedic potential from the script," but felt the film was uneven at best.Still, one thing was certain. This is Bruce Campbell, and if there's one thing he gets to do in all his movies, it's kiss pretty girls. The lucky lady this time waGhost Whisperer Complete Series box sets Kiele Sanchez, best known to genre fans as the ill-fated Nikki on 'Lost.'She didn't even really want to kiss him, but no one can resist that Campbell charm. "I don't wanna--" she started. But one look at that chin and those eyes, and she relented. "Yeah." John Lithgow delivered his best episode to date. I laughed as he yelled "you're drifting" to Mrs. PerkBrothers and Sisters dvdins. It may or may not have been intentional but it brought to mind the film The Fast and theFurious: Tokyo Drift, where such a driving maneuver was celebrated. His Footloose reference was great as well, when he called Barney a small town preacher from the Midwest. When he thanked Barney for keeping safe all these years, the button from the Legalize It Fest 1983,Brothers and Sisters dvd box set I was reminded of the scene from Pulp Fiction where Captain Koons delivered Butch Coolidge his father's watch after keeping it "hidden" for years while in a Vietnam prison camp. I quickly realized Jerry was talking more about Barney holding onto the memory of him, which was a nice moment of closure for those two as well.
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The Fall of Sam Axe
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