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 Did The Judges Use The Save Too Soon?

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PostSubject: Did The Judges Use The Save Too Soon?    Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:51 am

[i]Full disclosure: I'm a CaseyHouse MD dvd fan, so I'm obviously thrilled to see him saved, and I definitely think he deserves the save. But considering who else was in the bottom with him -- StefanHouse MD box setLangone, who did too much with Lionel Richie's tender "Hello", and Thia Megia, who still can't find her way despite having such a mature voice -Mad Men dvd- Casey had to be saved. We're still at that point in Idol where we're trimming the fat: there are stMad Men box setill many contestants who aren't living up to their potential (read: Thia and Naima) or have already run their course (read: Scotty and possibly Pia). Remove one of the more exciting contenders this year, and you're left with a season so predictable you can bet that "charmingThe Closer dvd" Lauren Alaina will win.I'll go as far as saying that Casey is the contestant made for the save. Apart from him being a favorite to win, the save tends to be used on underrated contestants who have a good idea of who they are as an artist. Matt Giraud was definitely that in season 8.
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Did The Judges Use The Save Too Soon?
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