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 ILS -- Tiny Toy

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is a G
is a G

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PostSubject: ILS -- Tiny Toy   Thu Jun 04, 2009 7:11 pm

Gene Wilder: "What are you doing"
"I'm gonna buy myself a toy, I've worked very very hard and I think I deserve a toy"
Gene Wilder: "A toy?"
"A toy!"
Gene Wilder: "Have you gone mad? What will people say?"

What is this sample from? It sounds incredibly familiar, and the second voice is DEFINITELY Gene Wilder (Willie Wonka/Young Frankenstein).
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Cyber Samurai

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PostSubject: Re: ILS -- Tiny Toy   Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:33 pm

You like ILS? He's alright, a little too Drum & Bass for me.

And I have no idea what that sample is from, but again, I'm not exactly the kind of guy to watch movies featuring Gene Wilder. Razz

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ILS -- Tiny Toy
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