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 Rebuilding The Lost Archives Of Music

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PostSubject: Rebuilding The Lost Archives Of Music   Fri Dec 12, 2008 10:35 am

As majority of you know, I'm a big music person and I like all sorts of musical arts. As the topic says, I'm rebuilding my music library from ground zero! So why I am posting you ask? Quite simple, I want to know what YOU PEOPLE think I should put on my wonderful 80gb Zune! This goes for albums/videos/movies/etc. as well. Any who, just give me the name of the artist, name of the song, name of album (If possible), and genre (Don't really care but would be nice when editing the song onto my zune.) So just make a list of what you deem worthy to put on my Zune. I'll update this post to see what I have on my Zune, just because I can!
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Rebuilding The Lost Archives Of Music
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